Inmediate remodeling or repairs.

Do you want your dreamed bathroom, kitchen, or home addition with all the amenities you’ve ever wanted. This dream can become a reality with J&F Remodeling Specialist, and our full offering of renovation and Remodeling services. Remodel your bedroom, bath, shower, kitchens, interior, exterior and all other aspects of the home like you always wanted.

J&F Remodeling Specialist takes pride in its years of experience remodeling beautiful kitchens, bed & bathrooms in the Sugarland, Missouri, Houston, Galveston, Memorial, River Oaks, Cinco Ranch, Downtown  areas.

J&F Remodeling Specialist is your one-stop source of professionals to get the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen remodeling, home additions and renovation you’ve always dreamed of. J&F Remodeling Specialist specializes in all areas of Houston Home Remodeling, including these areas:

– Bathroom Remodeling
– Bedroom Remodeling
– Kitchen Remodeling
– Home Additions
– Exterior Renovation and Remodeling
– Front Entrance Remodeling
– Custom build offices and kitchens.

J&F Remodeling Specialist is the premiere remodeling company in the Houston area. J&F Remodeling Specialist specializes in home remodeling, kitchen, bathrooms, exterior remodeling and much more.
Contact J&F Remodeling Specialist today with your remodeling and home renovation ideas. We look forward to planning your Dream Home with you. visit for more help or estimate request.


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